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NAPS brings financial services to the underserved and unbanked

First non-bank institution licensed in 2012 by the Central Bank of Morocco to issue, process and acquire electronic payment instruments, Naps enables hundreds of thousands of unbanked and underserved Moroccans to seamlessly access essential and basic financial services through multiple digital channels.

Receive salary

Get social aids

Withdraw cash

Pay in stores

Pay taxes & fines

Pay e-bills

Money transfer


Mobile pay E-Wallet

MX Payment™ processes millions of transactions every day

Today, MX Payment powers more than 180 branches across Morocco enabling NAPS owned stores, franchisees and network partners to issue NAPS cards and offer in-store banking and payment services including account management, money transfer, reconciliation, settlement and dispute resolution.

NAPS branches also provide a variety of value-added government services to citizen. Among them the payment of taxes and fines and the renewal of driving licenses, vehicle vignettes and airtime top-up.

All these services can be paid for electronically, using local and international card networks such as Visa and Mastercard, therefore greatly reducing money collection expenses. As part of NAPS plans to increase card usage and acceptance points in any sector of the economy from grocery stores to largest retailers, payment processing services and terminals are provided to merchants and retail chains with increasingly competitive offerings. NAPS suddenly becomes the 2nd largest payment gateway of the country.

Overcoming challenges with innovative technologies

« MX Payment’s open systems greatly facilitated the interconnection with multiple payment platforms and cutting-edge digital channels – e-commerce, mobile pay, ATM and cross-border in-store payment, » said R. HANANE, NAPS Managing Director. »

« In a world where everything is connected, you have to be able to act fast in order to grasp the opportunities in the financial sector as they arise. In order to illustrate the latter, as part of our strategy we are targeting low-value payment merchants which require basic, secured, accessible and easy-to-use solutions. MX Payment has addressed such challenges in no time with the implementation and deployment of universal acceptance solutions through QR technology and contactless mobile payment. »