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Guinea : Context of the social safety nets project

As part of the Plan for Human Capital in Africa, World Bank aims to strengthen safety nets, known as social safety nets, by 2023. It supports sub-Saharan African countries in setting up long-term social protection systems designed to break cycles of poverty’s reproduction.

In Guinea, the government has put in place this so-called safety nets program across the country. As part of the programme, it wanted to identify the beneficiaries in a sustainable way through the creation of a biometric identification system.

MX ID™ at the service of citizens' enrolment

Since 2018, the integrated MX ID™ solution has been centralizing Safety Nets program registrations and updates. Delivered turnkey and hosted in the Azure Cloud, M2M Group’s solution combines performance, security and flexibility. Functionally:

1/ it interfaces with the infrastructure of the Guinean Ministry of Economy and Finance and a database of 500,000 people.

2/ allows biometric identification of households using smartphones, which are essential inclusion tools in Africa.

3/ is scalable and can enroll several million people as the project expands.

Mobile application dedicated for enrolment and allowing:

Benefits for the Government and Guineans

The Ministry has endowed the Guineans with a system that makes it possible to decline for the country the Social Safety Nets program carried by the World Bank. M2M Group’s solution makes it possible to identify beneficiaries by relying on a dynamic database and avoiding fraud. The distribution of social assistance is therefore more rigorous.

Identified at the time of registration, program beneficiaries receive a beneficiary card. Targetted households are thus identified, monitored and socially supported over time.

M2M Group’s enrolment solution guarantees the correct allocation of social protection. It reinforces the effectiveness and sustainability of the program as designed by the World Bank.