Empowering Governments with Secure Biometric ID Solutions

Enhance security and streamline administrative processes

Secure and efficient ID Issuing Solutions for Governments: Biometric ID Card, Biometric Passport, Driving License & Vehicule Registration Card.

M2M Group - ID & Dematerialisation Solutions - Electronic ID & PassPorts
M2M Group - ID & Dematerialisation Solutions - e-ID solutions

e-ID solutions for Public and Private ecosystems

To secure and modernize identification processes and delivered services

Electronic Employee ID card, Civil servant card, Retiree and Insured ID Card.

Leading Governmental, Public and Private Institutions
trust us in over
50 countries

Enhancing Campus Life with Multiservice Student Cards

Digital university service management platform for students and staff.

e-ID, Access & Attendance Control, Electronic signature, e-Payments, e-Scholarship, Self-Service Portals ....

M2M Group - ID & Dematerialisation Solutions - Student Cards
M2M Group - ID & Dematerialisation Solutions - HRIS

A Comprehensive HRIS solution for all aspects of Staff management

For Private and Public Organizations

Access & Attendance Control, Payroll, Staff Administration, HR Development, Automated Workflows.

Empowering a Digital Future
over 35 years

ID Cards Issued
National ID & Students Cards

Yearly Biometric
Passports Registrations

+ 200 000
e-Transport Documents
Issued Monthly

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