Multi-Service Students Cards

Streamline Student Life and Empower Universities: Introducing MX Campus™

MX Campus™ is a comprehensive University Service Management Platform designed to revolutionize the daily life of Student, Faculty, and Administrative staff at the Campus.

MX Campus™ is an end-to-end solution that empowers students with a single card that acts as their campus ID and e-wallet, facilitating various services such as exam clearance, scholarship management, meal reservations, and administrative document handling.

This innovative solution goes beyond traditional student cards, offering a multi-service platform that simplifies daily life, enhances security, and fosters a more dynamic university ecosystem.

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Multiservice Students Cards

Enabling a Futuristic Campus Experience
where Everything is Just a Tap away.

MX Campus™ solution transforms traditional student cards into Powerful Multi-Service Tools, streamlining daily life, fostering financial inclusion, and empowering universities to develop stronger relationships with their student and administrative staff:

  • Simplify Daily Routines: Allow convenient access to buildings, libraries, and facilities with a single tap of the card for students, professors, staff and visitors.
  • Seamless Payments: Eliminate the need for cash or multiple debit cards. The integrated e-wallet allows secure and convenient payments for meals, campus store purchases, and other on-campus services.
  • Financial Inclusion for All Students: Empower students of all backgrounds to participate fully in campus life by providing a secure and accessible payment option, regardless of their banking status.
M2M Group - ID & eGov solutions- Multi-service Students Cards

Transform Your Campus with a Unified Student Service Platform

Access & Presence

In Campus

Time & Presence

Outside Campus

Class & Dorms

Scholar Documents

Management of

Electronic Exam

Create a Dynamic, Secure, and Efficient Campus Environment that supports the diverse needs of Students, Faculty, and Administrative Staff.

Cater to the Expectations of a Tech Savvy Generation of Students with MX CampusTM

Empowering a Digital Future
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