National e-ID Programs

Empowering Governments with Secure National Electronic Identification Solutions

In today's digital world, secure and reliable identification is paramount for governments and citizens alike.

M2M Group's National e-ID Programs equip governments with a comprehensive suite of Biometric ID Solutions. These solutions cover the issuing of National ID Cards, Biometric Passports, Biometric Driving Licenses & Vehicle Registration Cards. Our solutions aim to transforming Nations, enhance security, streamline administrative processes, and improve citizen convenience.

M2M Group - ID & eGov solutions- National ID Programs

NAtional ID Cards

Empowering Governments with Secure National ID Cards
for a Modern Citizen Experience

MX ID™ revolutionizes National ID programs by offering a Comprehensive Electronic platform for issuing and managing biometric National ID Cards.

M2M Group’s National ID Card solution empowers governments to streamline processes, enhance security, and transform the citizen experience. Establish a secure and reliable system for national identification utilizing advanced biometrics to verify citizen identity, helping to prevent fraud and enhance security.

This solution is ideal for everyday use and simplifies access to government services

M2M Group - ID & eGov solutions- National ID Programs - National ID Cards

Transform Citiezen Experience
with MX IDTM for e-ID Cards Issuing

MX ID™: The secure and efficient foundation for a modern National ID program

Facilitate & Digitize access to Government Services with e-ID Card Programs form M2M Group

Biometric Passport Issuing

Secure and Streamlined International Travel
with our Next-Generation Technology for Biometric Passport Issuing

MX ID™ delivers next-generation technology for Biometric Passport Issuing, empowering seamless and secure border crossings.

This innovative system integrates biometric verification into the passport issuance process, enhancing security and streamlining border management for both citizens and authorities.

By equipping them with state-of-the-art biometric passports, governments demonstrate a commitment to citizen safety and international mobility. This innovative system streamlines border crossings, reduces fraud risks, and facilitates seamless travel experiences. 

By prioritizing citizen security and travel efficiency, governments can build stronger relationships and trust with their constituents.

M2M Group - ID & eGov solutions- National ID Programs - Biometric Passports

Enhance your Citizens' International Mobility
with MX IDTM for Biometric Passport Issuing

Build Stronger Relationships with your Constituents with Biometric Travel Documents allinging with international standards and regulations

Implement Secure and Feature-Rich Digital Passport Issuing and Management Platforms with MX IDTM

Biometric Driving LicenSe

Secure and Streamlined Issuance of Biometric Driving Licenses and Vehicle Registration Cards

MX Transport™ leverages next-generation technology to create a secure, efficient, and user-friendly experience for everyone within the transportation ecosystem.

For governments, MX Transport™ streamlines processes, reduces administrative burdens, and enhances security. By dematerializing document issuance and management, governments can eliminate long queues and wait times, freeing up resources for other critical tasks. Biometric verification significantly reduces the risk of fraud and identity theft, safeguarding citizens and strengthening road safety.

Citizens benefit from MX Transport™ through a user-friendly platform that empowers them to manage their transportation documents with ease. Applying for renewals, scheduling appointments, and accessing relevant information can all be done conveniently online. This reduces hassle and saves valuable time. 

M2M Group - ID & eGov solutions- National ID Programs - Driving License

Empower Citizens, Simplify Processes
Transform Your Transportation Experience

Revolutionize Your Transportation Ecosystem with Futuristic Transport Documents Issuing and Management Platforms with MX TransportTM

Protect Citizens, Strengthen Security: Choose MX TransportTM for Biometric DLs & VRCs

Empowering a Digital Future
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ID Cards Issued
National ID & Students Cards

Yearly Biometric
Passports Registrations

+ 200 000
e-Transport Documents
Issued Monthly

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