Advanced Electronic ID Solutions for Ecosystems

Governments, Ministries, Public & Private Institutions, Retirements Funds, Insurance Companies and much more.

This innovative suite empowers public and private organizations to issue secure and reliable ID cards for their affiliates, including Civil Servants, Retirees, and Insured Individuals.
By leveraging dematerialization technologies, our Ecosystem's ID Solutions streamlines affiliates management and facilitates their access to services, creating a more efficient, secure, and user-friendly experience for both Institutions and their Members.

M2M Group - ID & eGov solutions- Ecosystem ID Programs

Civil Servants ID Cards

Secure and Efficient Identification for Government Workforces
with MX IDTM

MX ID™ caters to the specific needs of multiple ecosystems: Governments, Govenment Agencies, Ministries. We offer a comprehensive solution designed to streamline identification and access management for government workforce.

This secure and user-friendly system empowers government agencies to issue tamper-proof digital ID Cards to their Civil Servants, facilitating secure access to buildings, IT systems, and other resources.

MX ID™ transforms the way governments manage employee identification, enhancing security, convenience, and operational efficiency.

M2M Group - ID & eGov solutions- Ecosystem ID Programs - Civil Servants Cards

Unlocking Secure and Seamless Civil Servants ID management with MX IDTM

Tap into the Transformative Power of Dematerialization for a Successful Transition to e-Gov with M2M Group

Discover the Future of Government Employee Identification

Retiree & Insured ID Cards

Revolutionize Healthcare Security with electronic ID Cards for Retirees and Insured Individuals from M2M Group

MX ID™ for Retiree & Insured eID Cards Issuing empowers health institutions: Ministry of health, National Health Insurance Programs, Social Insurance Funds, Mutual Funds, Health Centres and Provident Institutions to deliver secure and integrated identification solutions for Retirees, Insured Individuals, and Personnel or Healthcare Providers.

This innovative platform combines Electronic ID Cards with Intuitive Digital Platforms to streamline identification, enhance security, and revolutionize healthcare experiences for all stakeholders.

M2M Group - ID & eGov solutions- Ecosystem ID Programs -Retiree & Insured Cards

Reduce Fraud and Secure Healthcare Data
with Advanced eIDs

Empowering Transparent Healthcare, Insurance and Retirement Programs with e-ID Solutions

Build Robust e-ID Issuing Engines for a Seamless Management of your Affiliates

Empowering a Digital Future
over 35 years

ID Cards Issued
National ID & Students Cards

Yearly Biometric
Passports Registrations

+ 200 000
e-Transport Documents
Issued Monthly

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