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Embrace the Future of Payments with Our Advanced e-Payment Solutions

We empower financial institutions with innovative technologies, setting them apart in a competitive landscape, from Tokenization, to Mass Transit Payment Solutions redefining the e-payment experiences. Ai-Powered Risk & Fraud Prevention tools safeguard your customers' transactions, while APIs integration enables seamless open banking.

With Automation features for Clearing and Reconciliation and BI & Analytics for data management, our solutions pave the way for a digitally transformed future of e-Payments.

M2M Group - epayment solutions- MX Advanced epayment solutions

Tokenization Solutions

Security, Compliance, and Innovation converge to redefine digital payments
with MX TokenizationTM

MX Tokenization™ is a Cutting-Edge Tokenization Solutions, transforming sensitive payment information into Unique Digital Tokens designed to fortify payment ecosystems across Issuing, Acquiring, and Switching domains. 

These tokens act as secure placeholders, Shielding your Customers’ Data from potential threats while streamlining the Checkout Process. With our robust tokenization technology, you can offer your customers peace of mind and frictionless payment experiences across your Mobile Banking Apps, your Mobile Wallets, or Pays Wallets: Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Ali Pay… Driving Customer Satisfaction and Trust.

MX Tokenization™ safeguards sensitive payment data while enhancing Transaction Rfficiency going beyond conventional security measures, providing a myriad of functionalities tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses and consumers alike. Through our platform, Sensitive Payment Information is Encrypted and replaced with Unique Digital Tokens, rendering them useless to unauthorized parties. This process not only Minimizes the Risk of Data Breaches but also simplifies the payment experience for customers, facilitating seamless transactions across various channels.

M2M Group - epayment solutions- Advanced ePayment Solutions - Tokenization

Explore the Future of e-Transactions Security with MX TokenizationTM

Go beyond customer expectations, issue futuristic electronic payment products with MX TokenizationTM

Redefining Security and Convenience in e-Payments with Tokenization Solutions from M2M Group.

Risk & Fraud Prevention

Introducing AI-Powered Risk & Fraud Prevention: Your Shield Against Fraudulent Transactions

MX Risk Fraud™ is an advanced Risk and Fraud Prevention Module powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) – the ultimate solution for protecting businesses and consumers from fraudulent activities in the digital payment landscape.

At M2M Group, we understand the critical importance of safeguarding payment transactions against fraud and security threats. 

That’s why our Risk and Fraud Prevention Module leverages state-of-the-art AI algorithms and ML -Machine Learning- techniques to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions in real-time. By analyzing vast amounts of transaction data and identifying patterns and anomalies, our AI-powered platform helps businesses mitigate risks, reduce chargebacks, and safeguard their reputation.

M2M Group - epayment solutions- Advanced ePayment Solutions - Risk & Fraud Prevention

Stay Ahead of Fraud with our AI-Based Solution
MX Risk & FraudTM

Customize Your Fraud Protection with AI-Based Models and Rules Engine

Customizable Rules Engine and AI-Based Fraud Detection Models enhancing the security of your e-Payments Systems

Clearing & Reconcialisation

Introducing MX ACRTM Streamlining Payment Operations for Effortless Efficiency with the power of Automation

MX ACRTM revolutionizes the way financial institutions manage their payment operations. Built with efficiency and accuracy in mind to avoid potential delays and financial losses due to manual reconciliation.

Our Automated Clearing & Reconciliation module automates every aspect of the payment lifecycle, from Transaction Reconciliation to Fund Settlement, ensuring seamless operations and freeing up valuable resources.

By leveraging advanced matching technology, MX ACRTM accelerates the Clearing and Settlement process and provides Real-Time Insights into payment transactions. This enables your financial institution to make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and enhance customer satisfaction.

M2M Group - epayment solutions- Advanced ePayment Solutions - ACR

Focus on your core business
MX ACRTM Automates your Processing

Optimize your Payment Operations for Maximum Efficiency and Eeliability.
With the Power of Automation!

Unlock Operational Excellence: Transform Your Payment Processing with MX ACRTM

Mass Transit Payments

Revolutionize Commuter Journeys
with Open Payment & Digital Mobile-Friendly Payments

MX Mass TransitTM set of solutions redefines how commuters pay for their journeys, catering specifically to Transport Authorities and Operators.

In today’s digital world, customers expect Convenient, Mobile-Friendly e-ticketing and e-payment solutions. Our offerings align with this expectation, offering a comprehensive platform that streamlines the entire e-ticketing and payment process ensuring smooth experiences for passengers and operators alike.

Our solution allows the issuing of all types of ticketing programs (prepaid transport cards, monthly/annual transit pass, unit contactless tickets, m-tickets…), the management of fares, the acceptance and the journey’s validation process from all types of tickets including bank cards used as transport tickets thanks to Open Payment technology in compliance with international schemes standards namely Visa’s Mobility and Transport Transaction (MTT) and Known Fare Transaction (KFT), and Mastercard’s Pay As You Go (PAYG) model.

M2M Group - epayment solutions- Advanced ePayment Solutions - Mass Transit Payments

Simplify Commuter Experiences
Tap into the Future of Mass Transit Payments

Digitizing Ticketing, Payments and Transactions Management.
For Commuters and Transport Operators alike.

Transforming Transit Payments for Tomorrow.
Explore M2M Group Mass Payments Solutions.

API & Open banking

Empowering Open Banking Through Our Comprehensive APIs Catalog

MX APITM offers a gateway to seamless integration and interconnectedness for financial institutions. With our large catalog of APIs, Financial Institutions can easily aggregate accounts and services, connect with third-party providers, access Utility Payment Services, Identity Verification Services, Switches, Banks, and more.

Our solution is a robust platform that enables organizations to seamlessly manage and leverage APIs to innovate and deliver superior customer experiences harnessing the transformative power of Open Banking.

Our Open Banking and API Management Module provides a Centralized Platform for managing APIs, enabling organizations to discover, catalog, publish, and monetize APIs securely and efficiently. 

M2M Group - epayment solutions- Advanced ePayment Solutions - APIs and Open Banking

Embrace the age of Digital Banking with
APIs & Open BankingTM

Accelerate Innovation, Foster Collaboration, and Drive Digital Transformation in e-Payments with M2M Group.

Effortless Connectivity, Limitless Possibilities: Integrate APIs to Unlock the Power of Open Banking with M2M Group

BI & Analytics

Driving Growth Through Data: Explore Our BI & Analytics Solutions

MX BI & AnalyticsTM empowers Payment Issuers, Acquirers, and Retailers with actionable insights that drive informed Decision-Making and Business Growth.

Our Business Intelligence and Analytics Module is an essential component of our Payment Software Suite, designed to transform raw payment data into valuable insights and actionable intelligence.

With our Business Intelligence and Analytics Module, issuers and acquirers gain deep visibility into customer behavior, enabling them to understand spending patterns, identify trends, and uncover opportunities for growth.

By leveraging Advanced Reporting Tools and dashboards, users can easily track key performance indicators (KPIs), monitor transaction volumes, and analyze customer demographics in Real-Time.

M2M Group - epayment solutions- Advanced ePayment Solutions - BI and Analytics

Transforming Data into Growth
Discover MX BI & AnalyticsTM

Explore the power of data to drive growth and optimize your operations management

Actionable Insights, Informed Decisions: Unlock the Power of BI & Analytics with M2M Group.

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