MX for AcquiringTM

Multi-Channel Acquiring Solutions for Acquirers, Banks, Fintechs and other Financial Institutions

Providing Multi and Omni-channel Acquiring experiences is paramount for Financial Institutions. From ATM Switch, POS, Mobile & Soft POS Switches, Internet, and Mobile Gateways, to Comprehensive Merchant & Agent Management Solutions; MX for AcquiringTM elevates your offerings to meet customer' expectations.

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ATM Switch

Go Beyond the Expected with MX ATMTM
Offer Self-Service Banking Services on your ATMs

MX ATMTM solution revolutionizes the management of ATMs, offering a Centralized Platform that Streamlines Operations and Reduces Costs for Banks and other Financial Institutions.

With MX ATMTM, manage all aspects of your ATM network, including Multi-Vendor, Multi-Lingual, and Multi-Currency ATMs; supporting transactions from Local, Regional and Global Payment Schemes (Visa, Mastercard, UPI, American Express among others) via Debit Cards, Prepaid Cards, Wallets or even Cardless operations.

Whether you’re looking to enhance the customer experience, improve operational efficiency, or reduce costs, MX ATMTM  is the comprehensive solution for all your ATM management needs.

M2M Group - epayment solutions- MX Acquiring - ATM Switch

Develop your multi-channel acquiring Offer
with M2M Group

Transform your ATMs into Self-Service Banking Spaces
& Enhance ATM Management and Monitoring with MX ATMTM

Unlock the Full Potential of Your ATM Acquiring Offering

POS Switch

Modernize Your Acquiring Business with MX POSTM
A comprehensive POS Solution for Merchants

MX POSTM is the cornerstone for Banks, Fintechs, and Financial Institutions seeking to develop cutting-edge electronic payment solutions for merchants.

In today’s dynamic market, providing a seamless and secure payment experience is essential for business success. MX POSTM enables you to Boost your Acquiring Capabilities, to create a Multi-channel and Omni-channel e-payment ecosystem on POS, Mobile POS, or Soft POS, supporting various card types and schemes including Visa, Mastercard, UPI … and more Contactless and Mobile-Friendly technologies such as NFC and QR Code Payments

With a focus on versatility and efficiency, our solution empowers you to meet the evolving needs of merchants and customers, driving business growth and customer loyalty.

M2M Group - epayment solutions- MX Acquiring - POS Switch

Elevate your POS Acquiring Products & Services
Explore the Endles Possibilities of MX POSTM

MX POSTM: Empowering Acquirers, Merchants and Holders in the age of Digital Payments

Feature-Rich, Flexible, and Future-Ready!
Explore MX POSTM Switch in Depth

Internet Gateway

Secure, Seamless, Global: Empower Online Payments with MX Internet GatewayTM

MX Internet GatewayTM is secure a robust solution to develop secure and convenient Online Payment Experiences no matter where you clients are or what currency they use.

MX Internet GatewayTM empowers Acquirers, Banks, Fintechs, and other Financial Institutions to develop secure and efficient Internet Gateways for merchants, websites, and e-commerce platforms. With our solutions, you can create a versatile platform that supports a wide range of Payment Methods and Channels, providing customers with a convenient and secure way to make online transactions. Our flexible platform easily interfaces with existing infrastructures to enhance your acquiring offerings, enabling Smooth e-Commerce Transactions for purchasing goods or services, paying invoices, tickets, taxes, and more. 

With support for multiple languages, MX Internet GatewayTM integrates with e-Money Networks for Real-Time transactions and is compatible with major Internet Payment Systems, ensuring a hassle-free online payment process for both your merchants and their customers.

M2M Group - epayment solutions- MX Acquiring - Internet Gateway

Enhance Your Online Payment Solutions
with MX Internet GatewayTM

Develop Convenient and Secure Online Acquiring Solutions, Growing your Merchants and e-Commerce Base

MX Internet Gateway TM
Craft Frictionless Digital Payment Experiences, Now!

Mobile Gateway

Transform Mobile Phones into Powerful Payment Stations
with MX Mobile GatewayTM

MX Mobile Gateway™ enables fiancial institutions to craft seamless and secure In Mobile-First payment products and services for their merchants and clients. 

M2M Group’s MX Mobile Gateway™ goes beyond traditional Contactless Payments, transforming any mobile phone – simple or smartphone – into a Comprehensive Payment Station.

MX Mobile Gateway™ allows your Financial Institution to offer a wide range of payment collection options such as NFC, QR Code Payments, and Token Payments. Omnichannel and interoperable, it empowers you to offer comprehensive services to your clients, merchants, and holders. 

M2M Group - epayment solutions- MX Acquiring - Mobile Gateway

Leverage the power of MX Mobile GatewayTM
To Elevate your Online Acquiring Offerings

Position your Financial Institution at the forefront of the Mobile Payments Revolution with Transformative Mobile Gateway Solutions

Design and Customize Mobile Payments
For the Future of e-Payments with MX Mobile GatewayTM

Merchant Management

Streamline Merchant Management & Grow Your Business with with
MX Merchant ManagementTM

MX Merchant Management™ is a comprehensive solution to manage manage a Diverse Merchant Base with varying needs.

In today’s dynamic retail landscape, where consumers seamlessly switch between Online, Mobile, and In-store shopping, MX Merchant Management™ offers a centralized platform for Banks, Acquirers, and other Financial Institutions to efficiently manage the multiple points of sale (POS) of retail chains and various types of merchants. 

Whether it’s Retail Stores, Shops, Mobile Sales, Distance Selling, Internet Sales, Supermarkets, or Hypermarkets, MX Merchant Management™ digitizes and enhances merchant management processes from onboarding to transaction monitoring.

The solution enables acquirers to manage the entire Life-Cycle of their Merchants regardless of size, type, location, or currency. You can Streamline Merchant Onboarding, Define Fees and Conditions, managing all aspects of Merchant Parameters, Monitor all Transaction and much more.

M2M Group - epayment solutions- MX Acquiring - Merchant Management

Discover how MX Merchant Management TM
Can empower your Merchant Acquiring Offers

Unlock Operational Efficiency and achieve Sustainable Growth in the Merchant Acquiring Space

Build Lasting Relationships with your Merchants, Fostering Mutual Growth with MX Merchant ManagementTM

Agency Banking

Helping Financial Instutions Expand their Reach and Grow their Branches and their Network of Agents

MX Agency Banking™  is a versatile solution designed to empower Banks, Fintechs and more  Financial Institutions, and Payment Service Providers to extend their reach and offer banking services through a Network of Agents.

We understand the importance of expanding Financial Access to underserved communities and remote areas. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive platform for agent and agency banking that enables financial institutions to reach customers even in remote areas and provide essential banking services, such as Cash Deposits, withdrawals, Funds Transfer, Bill Payments, Account Opening, and Loan Applications, through a network of agents.

With our platform, agents can offer banking services through multiple channels, including Mobile Apps, POS Terminals, USSD, and Web Interfaces, ensuring convenient access to banking services for customers, regardless of their location or device.

M2M Group - epayment solutions- MX Acquiring - Agency Banking

Offer a Wide Range of Banking Services through your Network of Branches and Agents

Multi-Channel and Future-Rich Platforms to Develop Seamless e-Payment Experiences
Across Large Networks of Agents and Branches

Discover how we can help you expand your reach and offer banking services to unbanked and underserved communities

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