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Empowering Secure and Interoperable Electronic Payments with MX PAYMENT TM

In the digital age, securing electronic payments is paramount. MX for SecuringTM & MX For SwitchingTM stands at the forefront, crafting secure e-payment experiences that drive financial inclusion and interoperable transactions.

Our solutions are designed to meet the evolving needs of Banks, Fintechs, and Central Banks providing Secure switching and Routing solutions that ensure seamless transactions and secure financial services for all. With our solutions, you can trust in a secure future for electronic payments

M2M Group - epayment solutions- MX for SECURING & sWITCHING

3DS ACS 2.2

Empower Secure Online Transactions in the Age of E-Commerce Boom

MX 3D Secure-ACSTM is a Robust Securing Solution that empowers Financial Institutions. Aiming to face the challenges due to the rise of e-Commerce that revolutionized the way we shop. 

M2M Group’s robust 3DS ACS 2.2  (Access Control Server) solution empowers Banks, Fintechs, and other Financial Institutions to address these challenges head-on. It ensures seamless and secure online payment experiences for your customers, fostering Trust and Loyalty while complying with the latest International Regulations.

MX 3D Secure-ACSTM Solution is designed to support you in securing your e-payment systems and develop secure e-payment experiences for your clients across multiple channels, including Online Stores, Mobile Apps, Super Apps, and Embedded Payments; supporting various payment methods from International Schemes such as Visa, Mastercard, and UPI.

This solution enables our clients to provide a strong protection layer for their customers when transacting online.

M2M Group - epayment solutions- MX For Securing and Switching- 3D Secure ACS

Tailor a Secure E-Payment Strategy for Your Online Payments with MX 3D Secure-ACSTM

Don't compromise on security in the digital age!
Empower your customers and your business with M2M Group's 3DS ACS 2.2 solution.

Stay Secure and Compliant and Unlock the Full Potential of Online Payments with MX 3D Secure-ACSTM

Dispute & Chargeback

Introducing AI-Powered Risk & Fraud Prevention: Your Shield Against Fraudulent Transactions

MX Dispute & ChargebackTM is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the resolution of payment disputes and chargebacks for Banks, Financial Institutions, and Merchants

At M2M Group, we understand the complexities and challenges associated with managing Disputes and Chargebacks in the e-payment ecosystem. That’s why we’ve developed a robust platform that automates and simplifies the dispute resolution process, enabling organizations to efficiently handle disputes while minimizing financial losses and preserving customer relationships.

MX Dispute & ChargebackTM provides end-to-end capabilities for managing the entire lifecycle of payment disputes and chargebacks, from initial Notification to Resolution. With advanced features and tools, our platform empowers organizations to reduce dispute resolution times, improve decision-making accuracy, and enhance customer satisfaction.

M2M Group - epayment solutions- MX For Securing and Switching- Dispute and Chargeback

Explore how MX Dispute & ChargebackTM efficiently fasters your dispute resolution process

Reduce Dispute Resolution Times, Improve Decision-Making Accuracy, and Enhance Customer Aatisfaction with our Advanced Fully Automated Disputes & Chargebacks Management Module.

Cater to a Growing Globalized Market and Improve your Dispute Resolution Process with M2M Group

Switching & Routing

Deliver Next-Generation e-Payment Experiences that Integrate Smoothly and Perfectly into the Local and Global e-Payments Ecosystem

MX Switching & RoutingTM is  backbone of secure and seamless Payment Transaction Processing for Banks, Financial Institutions, and Payment Service Providers.

At M2M Group, we understand the critical role that switching and routing play in facilitating the flow of payment transactions across diverse channels and networks. That’s why we’ve developed a robust platform that provides Reliable, High-Performance switching and routing capabilities to meet the demands of today’s digital economy.

Our Switching and Routing Module enables organizations to efficiently route payment transactions between Issuers, Acquirers, Merchants, National/Regional Switches and other stakeholders, ensuring fast, secure, and reliable transaction processing. With advanced features and capabilities, our platform empowers organizations to deliver superior payment experiences to customers while optimizing operational efficiency and reducing costs.

M2M Group - epayment solutions- MX For Securing and Switching- Switching and Routing

Achieve Peak Efficiency with
MX Switching & RoutingTM Module

Effortless Transaction Routing for Global Growth

Scale with Confidence with MX Switching & RoutingTM
Your Key to Uninterrupted Transaction Flow.

National Switches

Build a Robust Financial Ecosystem with M2M Group's Switching Solutions
for Central Banks and National/Regional Switches

MX National SwitchTM is our National Payment Switch Module – the cornerstone of Secure and Interoperable payment infrastructure for Nations and Regions, facilitating seamless transactions across Card and Mobile Payment Networks.

At M2M Group, we recognize the importance of a robust and reliable national payment switch in enabling inclusive and efficient payment ecosystems that serve the needs of consumers, businesses, and governments alike.

Our National Payment Switch Module is a state-of-the-art platform that provides Comprehensive Switching and Routing capabilities for both card payments and mobile payments, ensuring interoperability, security, and reliability across the entire payment ecosystem. With support for diverse payment methods and channels, our platform empowers nations to accelerate financial inclusion, drive economic growth, and foster innovation in the digital payments landscape.

M2M Group - epayment solutions- MX For Securing and Switching- National Switches

Drive Financial Inclusion & Growth
with MX National SwitchTM Solution

Spanning Geographical Boundries, Enabling Broader Digital Payment Ecosystems

Build a Robust Financial Infrastructure with
M2M Group's National Switch Solution.

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trust us in over
50 countries





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