MX for IssuingTM

Innovative Issuing Solutions for Issuers, Banks, Fintechs and other Financial Institutions.

MX for IssuingTM suite enables your financial institution to issue all cards products (Debit, Credit, Prepaid, Cobranded, privative, Forex, Virtual) under any scheme (Local, Visa, Mastercard, UPI, American Express...) along with branded mobile wallets.

Transform your issuing processes with MX for IssuingTM and drive growth in the digital economy.

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Card Management System

Streamline Your Card Issuing Operations with MX CMSTM, and end to-end Card Management System

MX CMSTM is a comprehensive card issuing solution designed for all types of Issuers, from fintech startups to multinational banking groups. It is a powerful multi-channel, multi-language, and multi-currency issuing engine allowing the management of a wide range of Contact/Contactless Debit, Credit, Prepaid and Virtual Card productsMobile HCE and e-Wallets

MX CMSTM integrates seamlessly with Private, Regional, National, or International Schemes such as VisaMastercardUPI, and American Express. It offers advanced workflows and back-office options to manage the entire life-cycle of card products in one single platform,  from Personalization to Authorization, Management of Transactions to Compensation and Fraud.

For customers, MX CMSTM offers a wide range of convenient and secure e-payment options and ensures a Frictionless Customer Experience across all channels.

M2M Group - Electronic Payment Solutions - Issuing - Card Management System

Transform your Card Management
Discover the power of MX CMSTM

Go beyond customer expectations, issue cutting-edge card products with MX CMSTM

Feature-Rich, API-Powered, and Cloud-Native CMS Solution from M2M Group.

Prepaid Programs

Go Further with MX PrepaidTM for closed-loop and open loop programs

MX PrepaidTM supports businesses to enhance Customer Experience, improve Loyalty, and expand their Market Reach with Prepaid e-Payment Programs. Offering convenient solutions to issue and manage Prepaid Cards and Wallets for a variety of industries, including Fintechs, Credit Companies,Retailers, Fleet and Fuel Distributors; and other ecosystems of Financial and Non-Financial Institutions.

With MX PrepaidTM solutions, businesses can provide their customers with innovative payment solutions tailored to their needs, such as Prepaid Cards, Virtual Cards, and e-Wallets. Additionally, businesses can develop joint initiatives and issue Co-branded e-Payment Products with banks or other financial institutions, reaching new and wide market segments.

Create your private electronic payment network for Issuing, Processing and Acquiring. Issue digital payment means for your customers, implement innovative reward and loyalty programs and develop seamless payment collection solutions throughout various touchpoints and service spaces: Contact or Contactless POS, Token, NFC or QR Code Payments.

M2M Group - Electronic Payment Solutions - Issuing - Prepaid Programs

Thrive in the digital economy.
With MX PrepaidTM

A single In-house solution for all your Closed-Loop and Open-Loop Programs.

MX PrepaidTM
Enhance customer loyalty and business/brand visibility with personalized Prepaid Solutions.

Virtual Cards

Smartphones Become Cards with MX Virtual Card ManagementTM

MX Virtual Card ManagementTM module is the comprehensive solution for ConfiguringIssuing, and Managing virtual cards with ease and efficiency. 

At M2M Group, we empower Banks, Fintechs, and Financial Institutions to offer innovative digital payment solutions to their customers through our cutting-edge platform.

MX Virtual Card ManagementTM streamlines the entire Lifecycle of Virtual Cards, from creation to management, enabling you to deliver seamless and secure payment experiences to your users.

M2M Group - Electronic Payment Solutions - Issuing - Virtual Cards Management

Elevate your digital banking offerings.
Experience MX Virtual Card ManagementTM

Set your Issuing Business apart from the competition.
Offer your customers a seamless and secure digital payment experience.

MX Virtual Card ManagementTM
Intuitive Interface, Robust Security Features & Extensive Customization Options.

Instant Issuing

Empowering Institutions with Instant Card Issuing Capabilities with
MX Instant IssuingTM

MX Instant IssuingTM is the innovative solution that empowers Banks, Credit Unions, and Financial Institutions to provide customers with physical payment cards instantly at their agencies.

At M2M Group, we understand the importance of delivering seamless and convenient banking experiences to customers, which is why we’ve developed a cutting-edge platform for On-demand Card Issuance.

Issue cards to new customers immediately upon account opening, improving Customer Satisfaction and provide Replacement Cards instantly, ensuring that customers are not inconvenienced by long waiting times for card replacements.

M2M Group - Electronic Payment Solutions - Issuing - Instant Card Issuing

Stay competitive in the rapidly evolving financial landscape with MX Instant IssuingTM

Develop Real-Time Payments Solutions for your customers.
Enhance your Instant Issuing capabilities & improve Operational Efficiency.

Revolutionize your card issuing processes for the digital age
With MX Instant IssuingTM

e-Wallets Issuing

Develop Mobile-first e-Payment Experiences with M2M Group
Offer Seamless Electronic Wallet Solutions to your Customers

MX WalletTM is the ultimate solution for Banks, Fintechs, and Financial Institutions seeking to empower their customers with Secure, Feature-Rich Digital Wallets. Designed with versatility and innovation in mind, our platform enables you to create Fully Customizable Mobile Wallets that reflect your brand identity while delivering an unparalleled user experience.

At M2M group, we understand the pivotal role that digital wallets play in today’s fast-paced financial landscape. Our White-Label Mobile Wallet Issuing Module equips you with a comprehensive suite of functionalities, empowering you to offer seamless and convenient payment solutions to your customers

M2M Group - Electronic Payment Solutions - Issuing - Mobile & Electronic Wallets

Discover MX WalletTM The Fully Customizable White Label Mobile Wallet App

Feature-Rich & Customizable Application, to cater to your Specific Use Cases and Needs

PCI DSS, GDPR, and PSD2 compliant White Label Mobile Wallet App from M2M Group.

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