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MX ID™ : Solution for issuing biometric identity documents

MX ID™ is a complete electronic platform for issuing and managing biometric identity documents. It allows governments to manage all services related to documents issued through a multi-channel platform available 24/7.

It acts as a single point of entry for all citizen applications, from the issuance of the document to the application for renewal. This, reduces queues and processing costs, and improves services to citizens through the dematerialisation of processes and interactions.

It makes it possible to link all administrations and ministries by centralizing all citizen information in a secure database with the latest encryption and authentication technologies.

Electronic National ID

Biometric Passports

Resident Card


Official Cards

Social & Enrolment cards

Electoral Cards

Refugee Cards

MX Transport™ : Solution for issuing biometric transport documents

MX Transport™ is an end-to-end solution for issuing and managing secure transport documents, enabling processes to be dematerialised and simplified for both government departments and citizens, as well as for all transport ecosystem operators.

This improves quality of service to citizens, reduces risk of fraud and increases operational efficiency. Citizens and professionals can benefit from strengthened and open interactions with transport authorities through fast, simple and secure processes.

MX Transport™ allows the issuance and management of all types of documents: Registration Cards, Driver’s License, Passenger License, Taxi License, Vehicle Registration, etc.

Government process automation and digitization solutions

In order to support governments in their digitalization, M2M Group, through its MX eGov™ solution, offers sector-specific platforms dedicated to the dematerialization of government flows, data and services. M2M Group solutions include:

– Telepayment of taxes..

– Platform for the dematerialisation of administrative processes.

– Teleprocedures