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MX Transport™ and the dematerialization of government services: driving license and vehicle registration program.

In 2007, the Ministry of Equipment and Transport of Morocco has selected M2M group as its unique provider of driving licenses and vehicle registrations all over the country.

Our E-gov web portal provides full range of services including citizen authentication, document requests, electronic documents, appointment booking, business data repository and electronic payment.

Solution and benefits from MX Transport™

The Ministry of Transport has chosen M2M Group’s MX Transport™ solution to replace all transportation documents. The solution offers both a flexible enrollment process and varied authentication means tailored to the needs of the program, as well as a high-quality card production system.

For the Ministry, the implementation of the new program allowed it to:

  • Improve quality of service by making transport document services accessible on a web portal and on secure mobile terminals,

  • Reduce risk of fraud by implementing the latest authentication and encryption technologies,

  • Increase operational efficiency for both professionals and citizens.

Key elements and figures of the programme

  • A full management system of cards and applications
  • Central site with a backup center
  • Centers for enrollment and delivery of documents
  • Secure personalization center with banking standards
  • 16k highly secure and multi-application java cards
  • Mobile stations
  • Mobile terminals for documents control