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Maubank implements the electronic payment solution - MX PAYMENT™

MauBank is a bank headquartered in Ebene Cyber City, Mauritius. It is approved as a commercial bank by Bank of Mauritius (BOM), the country’s central bank and the national banking regulator. MauBank is the third largest bank in Mauritius. It offers a full range of financial services to a clientele of individuals and businesses, public and financial institutions.

Context of the partnership between M2M Group and Maubank Ltd

Maubank Ltd is the result of the merger between National Commercial Bank Ltd and Mauritius Post & Cooperative Bank Ltd.

As part of its merger, MauBank Ltd wanted to set up a new payment platform and migrate transparently from the platforms of previous banks to a centralized electronic banking platform.

MX Payment™'s scope within Maubank Ltd

M2M Group, through its MX PAYMENT™ solution, supported Maubank in:

1/Implementation and integration of a turnkey payment solution including an ATM switch, a POS switch, bank cards and an HSM.

2/ Issuing debit and credit cards, both local and international.

3/ National & International POS acquiring.

4/ ATM acquiring including contactless technology.

5/ Strong auhentication  (3D secure) and management of online risk.

6/ 3rd party payment and mobile top-up solutions.

7/ Interoperability of international (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, CUP) and regional (MAUCAS, RUPAY) transactions.