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Every day hundreds of thousands of Moroccans use public transport for their daily commutes.

The 31 km tramway line of Casablanca is the biggest of its kind in North Africa when it comes to the number of stations and line length. It covers 45 stations along the route and enables more than 290 000 citizen to get to work every morning.

This collaboration currently continues with the extension of line 2, 3 and 4 of the tramway and Bus BHNS lines. MX Move integrated ticketing platform makes transfers between tramways, city busses and trains totally seamless. Advanced technologies based on contactless smartcards and Calypso open standards not only make commute experience more agreeable to travelers but also significantly reduce operational costs.

Online sales portal

In-station vending machines

Cash and card payments

Multilanguage interface French and Arabic

One ticket fits all

Rechargeable passes

Contactless tickets

Traveler mobile app

MX Move™ facilitates access to public transport

To increase ticket sales and facilitate access to the new tramways, each 73 station is equipped with multilanguage vending and recharge machines accepting card as well as cash payments. Multiple contactless validators with built-in GPS system and passenger counters can be found inside the Rabat tramway for quicker boarding and better customer experience. Each tramway is equipped with several security cameras.

All these devices are connected to MX Move central station through cellular network for security, reporting and hardware maintenance purposes.

Tramway Lines