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Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar-Senegal, deploys MX Campus™ solution, a contactless multi-service student card issuing platform

The world of higher education has entered the era of “all digital”, with the aim of offering a full range of tools to better exchange, learn, and manage all aspects of student lives as well as administrative and teaching staff.

University of Dakar, the first and oldest university in Sub-Saharan Africa, wanted to improve students’ daily lives and support their mobility within and outside the campus.

Objectives expected by the University of Dakar

1/ Control students’ identity and access to the university’s infrastructure (library, restaurants, housing, electronic networks).

2/ Offer students a range of fully dematerialized services accessible via mobile devices, self-service kiosks and Internet.

3/ Dematerialize and make the administrative application management process more reliable: certificates, change of orientation, online print-outs, consultation of timetables and exam calendars, grades, attendance records, etc.

M2M Group, via its MX Campus™ technology, was selected by Cheick Anta Diop University for its contactless, multi-service university card program, allowing to:

Combine identity and strong authentication applications


Manage access to university services


Open to payment and public transport applications

Benefits for the University of Dakar

Today, MX Campus™ allows the university to generalize its new service and system of multiservice cards to the entire university community including 100,000 students, 2600 teachers and 1400 administrative staff.

The platform provided by M2M Group offers even more, vast prospects of evolution towards new extra and intra-campus services. The multi-service card can be used for high-value applications, such as dematerialised scholarships, access to public transport and multi-channel payment.