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Nabil S.

I joined M2M Group 5 years ago; I have worked on several missions related to business, strategy and consulting. Each one of them was a fulfilling challenge and an incredible opportunity to develop my skills and my know-how.
I collaborated with a team of highly diverse professionals, guided by excellence, whose widely recognized expertise is dedicated to customer satisfaction.
Being a global company, M2M Group has allowed me to develop my ability to work in a multicultural environment and to adapt to all kinds of situations.

Hind O.

I joined M2M Group in 2015. As HR Development Manager, I am in charge of recruitment, training, career management, annual appraisal process, staff cost control and optimization.
I also have responsibilities related to internal communication and the maintenance of a good social climate. Being an HR development manager means being at the heart of the organization’s life.
It is an exciting job, in which there is no routine with a strategic dimension and extremely varied missions. I particularly appreciate M2M Group’s trust in young people, who are listened to and given responsibilities early on.
I always wanted to turn to a job that would allow me to meet a large number of profiles and manage various topics.

Adil C.

M2M Group’s unique culture is strongly focused on the latest technologies in the e-transactions solutions sector. I worked for nearly 10 years for M2M Group as Quality and Certification Manager.
I am pleased to come to the office every day, because all employees are fully committed to ensuring the sustainability of the company. I am surrounded by exceptional people who share my work ethic and values.
The clear vision of the company, the strength of the management team, being able to participate in the process with our directors allow our organization to support my growth and success as well as those of our professional experts at M2M Group.