M2M Group - e-Gov and e-ID News - M2M Group digitizes ID and enrollements in Guinea

Casablanca/Conakry, November 2018. M2M Group strengthens its leading position in identity management systems and signs a new biometric identification project to serve the public sector. The project, which is part of a targeted distribution programme for social assistance, is financed by the World Bank. Integrated, combining performance, security and openness, it is delivered on a turnkey basis and is part of the core competencies of the E-GOV service line, developed by the Group since 2007 and dedicated to both digital identification and the dematerialization of public services. With this project, M2M Group signs its first realization in the Republic of Guinea. It is in addition to the Group’s references in the field of egov projects, including the implementation of the moroccan driver’s licence and electronic registration card programme, enrolment and identification of officials
in Burkina Faso, biometric enrolment and the establishment of a multiservice student card at the University of Dakar, or the biometric passport project in Morocco.

Enrolment on mobile terminals

The biometric program for the beneficiaries of the social safety nets project provides an operational enrolment system capable of enrolling several million people. First mobile biometric enrolment project signed by M2M Group, it integrates mobile enrolment terminals, a must inclusion tool in Africa.

With enrollment by registration of beneficiaries and identification by issuing cards, this new information system allows the identification and census of households. It also ensures issuance and management of identification documents, in order to dematerialise all information flows, modernise and miniaturise identity documents for an optimized management of the aid programme through an updated database.

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