M2M group supports +20 universities in the digitization of services to students via its multiservice student card solution

M2M Group - e-Gov and e-ID News - M2M Group empowers over 20 Universities with Multi-service Student Cards

Casablanca, April 2021. The world of higher education has entered an “all digital” era. Educational institutions are now convinced that the convergence of intra-campus services, accessible with a single card, brings added value to the functioning of the university.

Within the « Smart & Cashless Campus » framework, more than 20 universities already have access to MX Campus™ solution; combining process digitization, access control, strong authentication and electronic payment applications.

MX Campus™ offers students and university staff a full range of dematerialized services based on a multi-service card, backed by a mobile application; and accessible through mobile terminals, self-service kiosks and an Internet portal.

Card and Mobile Applications

Access and attendance control

Exams e-signatures

Contactless payment


Transport ticket

Internet portal & multi-service Terminals

Meal reservation

Library reservation

Declaration of absences

Academic orientation

Access timetables

Dematerialization of procedures

Granting of scholarships

Access to university accommodation

Voting management

Request for administrative documents

Request for certificates

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