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Revolutionize Your HR Operations with a Cutting-Edge HRIS Platform

MX Enterprise™ is a comprehensive and modular Human Resources Information System (HRIS) designed to streamline and enhance all aspects of staff management.

Tailored for Private and Public sector organizations worldwide, MX Enterprise™ offers a robust solution that integrates seamlessly with existing systems and adapts to your unique HR strategies. Supporting a wide range of HR functions, including Staff Management, Payroll Management, Access Control, Expense Management, HR Development, Workforce Planning, and Time & Attendance Management.

With MX Enterprise™, organizations can achieve greater efficiency, improved decision-making, and a more dynamic HR environment.

M2M Group - ID & eGov solutions- HRIS

HRIS Solution

Streamlined your HR Management Workflows on a Centralized Engine for Increased Efficiency and Improved Employee Engagement

MX  Enterprise™ is a Powerful HRIS Solutions Designd for Modern Worplace. Build to empower HR teams, streamline processes, and unlock valuable opportunities for a more strategic and engaged workforce:

  • Enhance Efficiency with Streamlined Workflows: Automate manual tasks like payroll processing, benefits administration, and onboarding, centralizing employee data in a secure and easily accessible platform.

  • Foster Employee Engagement: Provide self-service functionalities : access paystubs, request leave, and manage personal information … improving communication and transparency .


  • Drive Strategic Growth: Gain insights into workforce trends, performance metrics, and skill gaps for efficient  data-driven decisions about recruitment, talent development, and workforce planning.
M2M Group - ID & eGov solutions- HRIS

Empower Your Workforce with Robust HRIS Solution from M2M Group

of Expenses

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Manpower & Skill



Human Resources

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Streamline Processes, Improve Efficiency, Gain Valuable Insights, and Foster a more Engaged Workforcwith MX EnterpriseTM

Transform Your HR Operations with MX Enterprise
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