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MX Health™ : Management of health services

MX Health™ is a health card issuing and management platform. These latest technologies allow the identification and authentication of affiliates, as well as the end-to-end management of health services, whether at the doctor’s, hospital, pharmacy, in a medical laboratory or in a care or radiology centre.

From the issuance of the prescription to the purchase of medicines, MX Health™ reduces fraud drastically with biometric identification of patients and practitioners, along with encryption of the care sheet and prescription directly on the health card.

This platform is intended for all health operators (Ministry of health, national health insurance programmes, social insurance funds, mutual funds, health centres and provident institutions).

MX Health™ : Solution's capabilities

  • Issuing and management of health cards
  • Management of the insured
  • Care management
  • Management of pension benefits
  • Management of third-party payments
  • Editing of electronic treatment sheets
  • Co-payment rates calculation
  • Management of e-payments