Casablanca’s tramway network now offering its users contactless payment services

M2M Group - Epayment News - Casablanca Tramway deploys Contactless Payments

Casablanca, February 2020. M2M Group signs a new innovation in the field of electronic payment for public transport in Morocco and generalizes contactless payment on more than 270 automatic ticket vending machines
throughout the 2 lines of the Casablanca Tramway. M2M Group is proud to be CASA Transports’ electronic payments partner for the acquisition and processing of secured electronic transactions. Relying on MX Payment™ under PaaS model (Payment as a Service), M2M Group’s electronic payment
platform, Casa Transports allows its travelers (regular, occasional & tourists) today s to buy or top up their tickets with their contactless payment cards directly from distributors that now accept all contact and contactless payment cards issued by banks and payment institutions. This innovation simplifies payment process on ticket machines and offers passengers a simple mean to pay or recharge travel tickets without the need of small change.
Tramway transport tickets: rechargeable cards, subscription cards or even single tickets are all equipped, from the initiation of the network in 2012, with contactless technology allowing control along with quick and easy access to Tramway stations. This puts the Casablanca tramway network at the forefront compared to other global networks in terms of new technologies.
In Morocco and all around the world, public transport is a key sector where to develop massive use of payment cards and particularly contactless technology , what procures to travelers speed an unparalleled fluidity. By converging expertise of its different subsidiaries in electronic payment services, M2M Group contributes to digitalize end to end mobility and payment experience of the inhabitants of the Moroccan economic capital and its numerous visitors.

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