M2M group announces the deployment of its new strong authentication solution

M2M Group - Epayment News - M2M Group develops a Strong Authentication solution in-house

Casablanca, March 2020. M2M Group deploys its MX ACS 2.0™ solution across various financial institutions. MX ACS 2.0™ takes an authentication approach that combines flexibility of the enrolment process, diversification of authentication means and fluidity of customer experience.

MX ACS 2.0™ increases payment security and reduces cases of fraud and litigation. EmvCo certified and compliant with VISA Secure and MasterCard ID Check security standards, the platform manages all multi-factor authentication methods and works with all devices (fingerprint readers, mobile, tokens, card readers, etc.).

MX ACS 2.0™ is perfectly configurable and thus allows authentication without friction or with challenge depending on the level of risk and the context of the transaction; both for Internet and Mobile payment transactions as well as for e-banking and m-banking transactions. It also provides financial institutions with advanced reporting, monitoring and data analytics tools.

MX ACS 2.0™ integrates with any existing solution. It has been successfully deployed for several clients using M2M Group’s MX Payment™ electronic payment suite as well as for customers using other solutions.

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