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MX Plus PaaS™, a cloud-based electronic platform for Fintechs

Digital transformation is transforming the traditional payment ecosystem. Non-banking actors enter the value chain of payments and Fintechs become new intermediaries, just like INCC Australia. The latter, had an emerging and specific need in terms of issuing new means of payment. The Australian Fintech was looking for a solution that could give it control over the management of payment cards products and other digital means of payment.

This new kind of electronic payment project was run for a non-banking actor and involved several actors in the payment chain through a complete circuit.

A cloud-based electronic solution to
reduce Time to Market

Complete circuit without banking intermediation, MX Plus PaaS™ offers INCC:

  • Complete management of the life cycle of card products and other digital payment methods.

  • The ability for customers to complete transactions online.

  • Online portal allowing to manage card orders and top-ups.

  • Support and integration of e-wallets (Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.).

Benefits to INCC

Today, MX Plus PaaS service meets the needs of non-banking actors and Fintechs who want to provide their clients with timely and innovative payment solutions.

The project was successful and enabled INCC to improve its card products’ marketing rate, support a growing number of customers and accelerate the overall development of the regional banking system.

It has also enabled the Fintech to support its innovative program of issuing virtual cards and integrate payment technology on wearable devices.