Attijariwafa bank goes live with jcb & upi acquiring in partnership with M2M group

M2M Group - Epayment News - Attijariwafa bank offers UPI and JCB Acquiring

Casablanca, February 2021. Part of a strategic partnership, M2M Group leverages its MX Payment™ platform being used by Attijariwafa Bank for more than 20 yearsto boost its acquiring capabilities with a successful rollout of UPI and JCB.

This partnership enables increasing JCB and UPI cardholders living or visiting Morocco from Middle East and Asia among other countries; to benefit from greater convenience by using their cards through Attijariwafa Bank‘s network of +2000 ATMs across the country.With this additional deployment, M2M Group is proud to support financial institutions willing to accelerate and leverage the use of UPI and JCB cards in Morocco and internationally; through its MX Payment™ multichannel electronic payment suite of solutions covering the entire value chain of payments.MX Payment™ allows today financial institutions, acquirers and PSPs to grow their multichannel acquiring business by opening their services to JCB and UPI cardholders. MX Payment™ significantly simplifies the integration effort and cost, and shortens time-to-market to offer JCB and UPI acceptance, along with other national and international payment schemes (Mastercard, Visa, Diners, RuPay…). The solution manages in a more streamlined and efficient way the whole process of authorization, clearing, dispute and chargeback for all payment schemes including JCB and UPI.

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