M2M group congratulates its valued client bank of africa (boa) on being designated for the second time, « best bank in africa 2020 »

M2M Group - Epayment News - M2M Group congratulates Bank of Africa

Casablanca, April 2021. This award recognizes the bank’s permanent efforts in providing its clients with innovative products and services, its brilliant digital transformation and its remarkable positioning worldwide with a network of +1800 branches across +30 countries in Africa, Europe and Asia serving + 6 M clients.

For over 20 years, M2M Group has been proud to support BOA in its transformation and particularly in providing its clients with innovative electronic payments products and services. MX Payment™ platform from M2M Group allows BOA today, to leverage its global and multi-institution electronic payments activity – managing multi scheme card issuing (credit, debit, prepaid…) including a wide range of innovative card programs (youth cards, travel cards, partner cards, etc.); and providing latest technologies such as contactless payments, advanced risk & fraud management and strong authentication for smooth and secure online payments.

M2M Group is eager to support BOA in its continuous innovations in terms of payments products and services!

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